Sell Intelligent wireless gas detector (ABS-22)

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1) Alarm mode: Give an alarm warning while Alarm density reaches: Coal gas: 1000~5000ppm, LGP: 1000~5000ppm, natural gas: 1000ppm~5000ppm
2) Working mode: independent & compatible mode: work solely at party , room etc.
work with our burglar alarm panel, so the alarm panel automatically dial up the alarm
3) siren:>90db 4) strict method with good quality

1. Operating Voltage:AC220V, or AC110V; DC12~20V
2. Working temperature: -10degree~50 degree
3. Alarm density: Coal gas: 2000ppm+/- 30%, natural gas: 2000ppm+/-30%, Liquid
petroleum gas: 5000ppm+/-30%,
5. Operating Frequency: 433 MHZ/315MHZ (optional)
4. Responding time: less than 2 seconds
6. Net Weight: 0.2kg
7. Size: 115mm(L) W71mm(W) W43mm(H)