Sell Internal Combustion Rock Drills Series(YN27)

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YN27 handhold internal-combustion rockdrill is a hand-rockdrilling tool which integrates the small gasoline-engine, compressor and rockdrill.
It can blow off the rock powder in the blasthole by the compressing air generatedfrom itself.

Just27kg weight for the main engine. Easy to carry about. Applicable for the areas of high mountains and ofwithout power and wind pressure equipment, especially for those temporary projects with frequent movement.

1. Applicable for rock drilling and breaking. Widely used in the earth and stone work of national defense, mining, road-construction, city construction and quarrying, etc.
2. Wide applicability. Regardless of the high mountains, flat grounds, the extremely hot area with the temperature of + 40: C and bitter cold area of -40: C, it can work in good condition.

Technical specifications:
Weight of the main engine: 27kg
Type of carburetor: Non carburetor float
Ignition system: Contactless
Exhaustion: 185cm3
Rotating speed of engine with load (measured in five holes drilling) : >=2450r/min
Idling rotating speed of drill rods: >=250r/min
End of tool shank hex: 22*108mm
Shock energy: >=25J
Max. Elevation angle of drilling: 450
Max. Drilling depth: >=6m
Tank volume: >=1.1L
Oil consumption(in five holes drilling) : <=0.12L/m
Lubrication: Automaticly lubricated with gasolineand engine oil
Mixing proportion of gas and lubrication(by capacity) : 12: 1
Spark plug electrode gap: 0.5-0.6mm
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