Sell Internal Flat Irrigation Drip Pipe Line(machinery)

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The assembly line is well equipped, which is able to make dropping tube with embedded flat droppers, and also making buried dropping tube with embedded flat droppers.
 Speed of the assembly line (at wall thickness of 0.15mm) max. 170m/min
For commercial production 140m/min
When producing the dropping tube of 0.15mm in wall thickness, production speed shall be controlled at less than 100m/min. If the production speed is over 100m/min, special material for dropping tube shall be used.
Min. (at wall thickness of 1.0mm) 40m/min ( # 16mm)
 Max. embedding rate of droppers 600piece
 Height of assembly line's centerline 1000mm
 Direction of the assembly line: from right to left
 Color of the assembly line blue, white (except for stainless steel)
Unit packing length of the product 500m, 1000m, 2500m/reel
Pulling speed 10~200m/min
Atmospheric vacuum pressure -0.001~-0.002Kpa
Gross power of equipment 115kW
Installation length of equipment 32-40m
Weight of equipment about 4500kg