Sell International Freights

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An enormous variety of legal devices and the interchange with Freight Agents in the most diverse points of the world, is at the disposal of ABILITY4s customers in order to always provide, a substantial reduction in the cost of a freight.

The management of maritime freights will always bring more satisfactory results. In the cargo consolidation, a considerable reduction in the cost is guaranteed.

We also offer the industry/port-airport/industry transport, in specific vehicles, guaranteeing security and agility in the delivery of the merchandise, that also is followed by the sector of custom clearance in the intention to prevent incidental costs of storage.

Through a system of adjusted control, we can, at any time, inform the situation of the load. This system also is linked to our areas of Customs clearance, allowing information in real time on the "status" of each process. All operational accompaniment of the movement of the cargo and the release of the documentation, is monitored with security and agility.