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Revised with two additional new chapters, "A Petroleum Broker's Notebook" is now bigger and better. There is no book available quite like it in the matters of beginning international oil marketing.

Usually when you see offers for crude oil and petroleum cargo products being offered on the Internet, you usually find one fake offer and request after another. Either the product doesnt exist or the seller doesnt exist; usually
both dont exist. Major oil companies know all about this activity as it has been around for decades.

Read A Petroleum Brokers Notebook. It explains the real business of international oil product and concession marketing. Hardly any books can be found on oil marketing which covers both introductory spectrums of the business. From downstream product brokering to upstream concession dealing, A Petroleum Brokers
Notebook covers the basics and is an excellent international oil marketing primer.

Who has purchased A Petroleum Brokers Notebook? A wide variety of individuals and corporations throughout the world have purchased A Petroleum Brokers Notebook, from complete novices to multi-national major and mid level oil companies seeking supplemental information.

A brief list of some past customers of A Petroleum Brokers Notebook are:

Chevron U. S. A. Products Company, Fina Oil and Chemical Company, Huntway Refining Company, OilTanking Houston, International Marine Fuels of San Francisco, Intergulf Fuels, Inc. , Kern Oil and Refining Company, Oman Refinery Company staff, Gary-Williams Energy Corporation, The Strategist-Singapore Oil Report, Chevron Chemical Company, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) , Bin Ham Oil Group, Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company, Glencore Ltd. , Poten & Partners, French Petroleum Institute - IFP Group

A Petroleum Brokers Notebook contains aproximately 176 pages with 21 chapters including index. The books contents are as follows:

1 The False Oil Business - The Play Brokers
2 The Mentor
3 Sophisticated Falseness
4 A Friend In The Med
5 A Full P. O. N. A.
6 A Residual Education
7 Breaking Into NWE
8 Taking It To Them
9 The Deal?
10 A Jet Fuel Offer
11 Resid Quality, More Education
12 A Utility, A Potential Trade, Problems
13 Requests For VGO
14 Broken Gas
15 Problem Co. s - Tricks Of Their Trade
16 Petroleum Brokerage In The Mediterranean Belt
17 North Sea Crude Oil Trade
18 LCO
19 Crude Oil Dilemma - The New Bonny Player
20 Upstream Quandary - Marketing Anothers Assets
21 Negotiating For Cooperative Position

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