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Our Employee Philosophy is to be the best transportation service, striving to provide EXCELLENT service to our customers. This means:
7 We must be recognized as a corporation with an especially high sense of responsibility and integrity in dealing with our employees, customers, vendors and public constituents.
7 We strive to provide immediate, accurate, and thorough responses to customer and fellow employee requests.
7 Knowing that the customers determine whether or not our service meets their needs, we must recognize that nothing less than a total Company and individual commitment to EXCELLENT quality service can fulfill our obligation to deliver excellence to the customer.
7 The Company will strive, at all times, to ensure that the most efficient and effective service is made available to the customer through a program of continuing employee training and providing each employee with all the technology and knowledge necessary to accomplish our mission of EXCELLENT service.
7 We will serve as an information center and educator to our customers and our vendors, thereby increasing mutual awareness and understanding in order to provide the customer with EXCELLENT service.
7 Our Managers will continuously empower and instill in our fellow employees a sense of self-respect and professional pride.
7 The Company considers each employee as part of its extended family and a valuable asset. Accordingly, the Company will provide gainsharing as profits permit and will encourage employees to learn through training provided and Personal Mastery. Each employee will be expected to reflect loyalty to the Company and their co-workers in their communications within and outside the Company.
7 Our management people and processes must be of highest caliber and appropriate to the times.
7 We must be highly competitive in significant market segments in order to attract exceptionally strong market shares and keep a product position of EXCELLENT quality services.
7 The Company must be an outstanding financial performer. We must produce dependable, consistent financial returns which rank high in absolute terms as well as relative to our peer competitors.
7 Unity and strength are being gained by the Company through the combined visions being shared by its team members.
This Philosophy statement was voted on and adopted by all employees.