Sell Internet phone, skype phone, USB101

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The USB phone features the functions of USB driver, built-in sound card, incoming call ringing, voice communication and keypad dialing. The USB phone supports Skype, eTalk, MSN, Net2phone, SJPhone, StanaPhone, X-Lite, X-PRO, Firefly, eyebeam and you can enjoy distinct voice quality because of advanced DSP skills. Also it has exquisite appearance and portable design. It can be your best choice for chatting, business talking and call charge saving.
1. PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone operation;
2. Driver built-in, plug and play;
3. USB1.1 compatible;
4. No need sound card;
5. No external power required;
6. Complies with H.323, MGCP, SIP protocol;
7. Echo cancellation, noise reduction;
8. Support Skype speed-dialing function;
9. Full duplex communication;
10. Key-in tone function.