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Probiotics defend your GI system
Did you know that there are good bacteria in your gastrointestinal system that are an important part of your immune system? They're called flora or probiotics, and they help your body stay healthy by helping control not-so-good bacteria, viruses, and chemicals before that stuff can cause you problems. They're your first line of defense.
NUTRILITE IntestiFlora is an easy way to get a concentrated blend of live probiotics and FOS. Just sprinkle a pack of powder on your cereal or swallow it with a beverage. Unlike other sources of live cultures (yogurt, buttermilk, and most other probiotic supplements) , IntestiFlora doesn't need refrigeration.
Each serving of NUTRILITE IntestiFlora contains:
 a concentrated blend of live probiotic cultures: 500 million B. bifidum and 500 million L. acidophilus
 1 g of the prebiotic FOS to encourage probiotic growth.
Supply Capacity
1000 Units Per Month
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3-5 days
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100 Units
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Cash In Advance
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