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Having adopted advanced technology of manual focal distance alteration, the intra-oral camera developed by our company (hereinafter referred to as the intra-oral camera) is able to make taken pictures reflected clearly and still on a computer screen. The pictures on the screen magnify the objects in such a true and accurate manner that doctor and patient could make observation at the same time, find out tiny pathological changes in time, thus increasing effect of treatment. The intra-oral camera has also a function of keeping pictures, which helps patients to make a comparison between the effects before and after treatment. It is equipped with push keys and a foot pedal. It also has a function of freezing multiple pictures. It is simple and flexible in operation.
The distinctive feature of the advanced type camera is that the CCD high-resolution picture transmitter can store 16 pictures permanently and the pictures can be transfer by the data cord to computer. When treatment, four pictures can be assembled at the same time, which is convenient for the doctor and patient to make comparisons before and after treatment.
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