Sell Inverter Pulse TIG Welder

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Model: WSM-250 ; WSM-315; WSM-400; WSM-500


1. Simple design and advanced inverter technology, durable and easy to carry.
2. HF pressure increasing arc initiation and pulsation thermal arc initiation design, excellent arc initiation performance.
3. Unique over voltage protect design, avoid the loss for jointing 380V by mistake.
4. Double functions. Suitable for TIG and MMA welding of various metals.
5. Unique output characteristics protection design, more suitable for filler wire welding and the welding point is not black, excellent weld appearance.
6. Minimum welding current is to 5-8A, stable arc suitable for stainless steel plate welding;
7. Various capacity, have pulsation arc welding capacity, adjust the time of pulsation frequency and wastage, suitable the high quality welding.
8. MMA is easy arc initiation, stable current and has no noise.
9. Fast, small splash, do not stick to slip, excellent welding appearance.
10. Wide working voltage range, strong adaptability to electricity network, high duty cycle.
11. Complete accessories: welding torch, welding cable, earth clamp, welding holder, carton box.