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Greece has not yet developed a golf culture. At present there are only four 18-hole courses, situated in Athens, Corfu, Rhodes and Chalkidiki and one 9-hole course in Crete. By comparison, Portugal has developed over 80 golf courses within a decade.
Given that Greece is a country with a mild Mediterranean climate and an average temperature in winter months (especially in the southern islands) around 140C. The island of Crete, for example, is further south than Tunis. This renders it an ideal golf location in Autumn, Winter and Spring, when most other European countries have low temperatures and heavy precipitation. Clearly, golf may meaningfully extend the tourist season in Greece.

Therefore, EOT has undertaken a strategy for golf course development for both private investors and local governments. For example ETA's properties include five large pieces of real estate which will be developed with private financing for combined hotel and golf investments.

Incentives for Golf Courses Investments (under Law 2601/98)
Cash grant 40%
Loan interest subsidy 40%
Leasing subsidy 40%
Tax allowance 100%
Loan interest subsidy 40%