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Product description: Pump body

General Introduction of Investment Casting

Investment casting (lost-wax process or lost foam casting) is utilized when complex detail, undercuts or non-machinable features and accurate parts are required. Investment casting typically require significant lead time, are best suited for low volume production rates. Investment casting tends to cost more than other production type casting processes.

-Close dimensional tolerance.
-Complex shape, fine detail, intricate core sections and thin wall are possible.
-Smooth finish (degree finish) between 64 to 125 RMS.
-Best suited for low volume production rates.
-Ferrous and non-ferrous metals may be cast.

-Costs are higher than sand, gravity mold castings.

Recommended Application:
-Use when complexity precludes use of sand or permanent mold castings.
-The process cost is justified through savings in machining or brazing.
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