Buy Investment in crude oil

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Ural Oil Swiss AG is a Swiss corporation, headquartered in Basel. The majority of the stock is owned by Swiss nationals. Ural Oil Swiss AG possesses subsidiaries and participations in Russia, and especially in Baschkortostan.

The crude oil production, the sales of processed petroleum products and the transportation in the different stages upto the final customer are the business fields of Ural Oil Swiss AG.

If we have larger resources at our disposal, we can realize better marketing opportunities through purchasing in bulk. For this purpose we need additional funds. We therefore provide you with the possibility of relatively short-term investment of your capital. The minimum term is 3 (three) years; the predicted payout lies at 9% p. a. less administration- and management fees. The transaction of the investment is carried out via our Swiss holding company; we preserve strict confidentiality and endeavour tax optimisation.