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Our company holds top-ranking investment moulding and precision casting techniques and their patents. We also have advanced technological equipment for precision casting, for example German Spectromax spectrographic detector and imported three-dimensional measuring machine.

We can manufacture such precision casting products as nonferrous metal, stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and special alloy material in mass production. We also excel in manufacturing super-sized thin wall aluminum alloy precision casting components and other components with sophisticated structure and mould cavity. Our company adopts rapid formation technology to complete the order of small lot and extreme complexity. The sample pieces can be made in very short time. Thus shorten the time of design, advanced research and sample production cycle.

The products of our company mainly used in these fields:war industry , aviation and spaceflight, various watercraft, communication , electronics, instrument and meter, medical components, sport equipment etc. The accuracy of our products can reach CT3 level . The surface roughness excels 1.6 um. . Most of our products are in no need of further processing and semifinished products are with little need of excess material. Our special process engineering makes our products free from gas porosity, slag blister, dispersed shrinkage or other inherent defects. The structure is even and dense . The X-ray interior detection can reach the primary standard of frist type for navigational aid and American military standard A.
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