Sell Invite to Invest of the Iron Ore newest mining location

Invite to Invest of the Iron Ore newest mining location You May Also Be Interested In: fe 63 indonesia iron ore iron ore iron ore mining ore mining
We hereby to Introduce our state as Indonesia Iron Ore Mining Consortium mandatory which want to invite every Investors to invest in our related mining consortium newest location at Tanah Tumbu -Batu Licin [ South Kalimantan- Indonesia].
The location standed bout 2.200 ha and they have 50.000.000 of Iron Ore Content with Fe 63 - 67 %. Now allowe us to introduce General Information and some Investment system as shown below this :

A Investment Information :
1. Commodity : Iron Ore
2. Fe content : 63 - 67 %
3. Origin from : Indonesia
4. Province : South Kalimantan
5. Location at : Tanah Tumbu - Batu Licin
6. Deposit Content : 50.000.000 MT
7. Ownership : PT. MULTI KREASI
8. Mandatory : PT. MULTI KARYA PRIMA
B General Investment :
1. INVEST : $US 25 Million for 60 Months
2. Product Plan to Explore : 200.000 MT/Month
3. Product Plan to Sell : $US 49 /MT
4. Royalty : $US 3.00/MT for Investment
5. Profit Investment : $US 11 Million for 60
6. Investor provided :
a. 5 set of Crushing machine to crushed
Iron Ore till size 0 - 40mm
b. Build the peletizer Plant
C. Budget cost for investor :
= [[60 months x[US$ 49.00 - US$ 35.00]/MT x
200.000 MT]- US$ 25.000.000]
= US$ 168.000.000 - US$ 25.000.000
= US$ 143.000.000 [ for 60 months ]
D. Terms and Procedure
1. Investor issue Company profile and LOI to
2. Mine Mandatory issue draft of MOU
3. Mine Mandatory and Investor revised exchange
of MOU
4. Mine Mandatory and Investor signed MOU at
Jakarta - Indonesia
5. Invitation by Mine Mandatory into
presentation of all Mining Ownership
document at private meeting
Those all above the General Information from the mining consortium we can give you. Your Higly reply of those Bussiness Coopperate of Investment will be appreciated. Now we look foward bout that immediatelly by sending us your Confidential Letter of Full Cooperate Interesting, then we will send you the Investment system completed.
Thank you for your kindly attention.

Best regards