Sell Ion Cleanse (double System With MP3)

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This product have two working systems. (need two arry plates, service for two person) In fact, you can get double benifit from it. At the same time , It has record function (can record working the number of times) and download music function. (you can lisiten music whatever you like to relax your heart) .

Principle :
Water is resolved into a large amount of energy ion through ion cleanse device (positive and negative) , make internal cell vigor strengthen, promote various enzymes live. Improve the human body organ circulating function. , accelerate metabolism, make the human body get well gradually. Through the color that demonstrates, you can understand one's own health .

1. Improve cleanse ability oneself of the body;
2. Relieve the burden of the body organ ;
3. Promote metabolism and blood circulation;
4. Increase the vigor of cells;
5. Improve the sleep effectively