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The desk-top ionizing blower is a portable ionized air blower which uses a small fan to produce
air flow. The volume of air flow is controlled by a variable speed control which provides a
wide range of air flow setting. The high voltage AC is applied to a circular arrangement of
tungsten steel ion emitter points which results in an intense alternating electric field at the
tip of the emitter Poinsett is this electric field that creates alternating polarity ions the air
flow. To assure that the unit is working properly, the high voltage AC is monitored by an
ionization indicator lamp.

The desk-top ionizing blower was designed for use with sensitive electronic components,
where electrostatic discharge is a problem. The desk-top ionizing blower can also be used
where static electricity causes problems such as: attraction of dirt to product,
misalignment of small parts due to electrostatic jumping and undesirable adhesion of
plastic films due to electrostatic charge.

Manufacturing of PCBs with ESDS devices
Pharmaceutical industry, electronic assembly and
Manufacturing of optical components
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