Sell Ipl For Skin Rejuvenate & Hair Removal System-Portable-II

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Work Principle
Highlight with the special wide spectrum penetrates the skin and is absorbed electively by the blood vessel and chromatoplast in the tissue without damaging skin, which makes the vessel coagulate, destroys and decomposes chromatoplast and pigment cells to cure telangiectasis and pigmented spots
Photothermal and photochemical effect makes collagen and elastic fibers re-arrange and recover elasticity and strengthens the blood vessel functions to remove or relieve wrinkles on the face and shrinks sweat pores.
The IPL 560 system simultaneously treats a wide range of skin conditions:
Age spots (sun-induced freckles)
Broken capillaries
Most benign brown pigments
1. Curing parameters are controlled with the computer with safety and reliability. Operation is simple and easy.
2. Continuous working time is 4 hours.
3. Simple black screen control
4. Large spot size and 2-second repetition rate for quick treatment time
5. Non-ablative treatment produces little bruising, swelling, discomfort or downtime.
Technical Specifications
Light source: Intense Pulse Light
Standard Spectra (Wavelength) : 560-1200nm
Optical Spectra (Wavelength) : 640-1200nm
Energy Density: 10-45J / cm2
Pulse Duration: 2-8ms
Pulse Sequence: 1pulse, 2pulses, 3pulses, 1-15pulses l Coupling
Spot Size: 8x34mm
Pulse output mode: Multiply modes are optional.
Repetition Rate: 0. 5hz
Integrated Skin cooling: 00-10 or normal temperature
Electrical Requirements: 220Vx10% / 50Hz
Weight: 16kg
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10 days
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1 unit
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