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Product Name:Ipod Nano Charger
Product Description:
The Ways of Use
1:The Adapter ls Matched
The power adapter connect directly to the AC 100V-240V power, its pluginsert into the charger device,
And press the switch downwardly, and then the green indicating light will flash on, meanwhile normally work; when the adapter charge for the li-ion battery built-in, the red indicating light will flash off after full-charge. When supply power for ipod nano Mp3 player, at the same time charge to the battery built-in. (Please see lnstruction of ipod nanoMp3 player) .
2:Rechargeable Lithium lon Built-in The Charger Can Be Used.
When the switch upwardly press, the chargerdevice will supply power to the Mp3 playet, at the same time supply the power to the battery of Mp3player, the redindication light of charger device will flash off, finally the green light will flash on, and the adapter will not work at that time.
3:Duration of Charging and Characteristic
A:The lithium ion battery of spare power source of charger;750mAh-950mAh,3.7V
B:Charging time to the lithium ion battery;3-5 hours
C:The operating time of the ipodnano player;14-18 hours after full-charged
The Technical Datas
1:power Adapter
Input:Ac100-240V 50/HZ
Output:DC 5.0V10.5V
DC 500mA150mA(800mA150mA)
2:Charger Device
Input: DC 5-5.6V 0.5A-0.8A
Output: DC 5-5.3V 250Ma150Ma
The Guarantee of Quality
A: The company product is insured by the peoples lnsurance Company of CHINA on Liability lnsurance of poduct.
B:Warranty term:12months from purchasi
Supply Capacity
500,000 pcs/month