Sell Iranian Pistachio

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In addition to offering raw Pistachio in BULK, we supply ROASTED & SALTED Pistachio with no chemicals added in 10 KGS PACKS.
We also have VACUUM PACKING facilities, which enable us to supply our products with fresh taste all over the world.
We believe that our growing export over the years has been due to our consistent quality, reliability and fair offers.
Iranian Pistachio is processed under completely healthy conditions. There are enough terminals in the region for skinning , drying , sorting and packing in such a way that Pistachio picked today would be processed the same day.
This has greatly reduced the risk of aflotoxin contamination. The EU representatives approved this fact during their visit to Rafsanjan - Iran in 1998.
Iranian Pistachio is grown without application of any hormons material and genetic manipulation.
In addition to supplying raw pistachio we also offer the following:
1-Roasted and salted pistachio:
Lightly roasted and salted Pistachio is one of the most favored processed Pistachios all over in the world.
2-Roasted and unsalted pistachio:
This item is good for people who are on a salt-free diet.
3-Roasted and salted pistachio with Lime Added:
Lime gives the pistachio a special enhanced flavor.
4-Pistachio Kernels:
These are prepared from closed month Pistachio prior to shipment, therefore have a very fresh flavor.
5-Green skinned pistachio kernels:
This is a natural produce with an extra ordinary green color. Used in ice cream, cookies, sausages, etc.
6-Closed mouth pistachio in shell.
We supply this product in varies sizes. The yield kernels is 48-50%