Sell Iranian Pistachio

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In addition to supplying raw pistachio we also offer the following:
1-Roasted and salted pistachio:
Lightly roasted and salted Pistachio is one of the most favored processed Pistachios all over in the world.
2-Roasted and unsalted pistachio:
This item is good for people who are on a salt-free diet.
3-Roasted and salted pistachio with Lime Added:
Lime gives the pistachio a special enhanced flavor.
4-Pistachio Kernels:
These are prepared from closed month Pistachio prior to shipment, therefore have a very fresh flavor.
5-Green skinned pistachio kernels:
This is a natural produce with an extra ordinary green color. Used in ice cream, cookies, sausages, etc.
6-Closed mouth pistachio in shell.
We supply this product in varies sizes. The yield kernels is 48-50%.
1-Raw Pistachio is usually packed in 50-60 Kg jute bags.
2-Roasted and salted Pistachio and Pistachio Kernels are Packed in the following forms:
10 Kg per carton with inner poly bag.
10 Kg in vacuum bags.
200-500 gr. in cellophane bags.
In Addition to pistachio we also supply Iranian Dried Figs.
Iranian Figs are dried while still on the tree, therefore they acquire a very special taste and flavour and they are a rich source of vitamins and energy .