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Iris. is a powerful yet intuitive network traffic analyzer which allows system administrators to examine the inner workings of their network, simplifying the detective work of pinpointing a security breach or resolving a performance problem.

Iris captures all data passing through a network and allows network administrators to trace the actions of any network user. Iris completely reconstructs captured data, allowing administrators to see network activity exactly as end users see it on their workstations. Utilizing advanced filtering, searching and graphing capabilities, Iris functions as a complete system monitoring solution.

Iris takes network traffic and returns it to its original format, dramatically reducing the time previously spent examining individual packets. Utilizing Iris, security professionals are able to: read the actual text of an email  as well as any attachments  exactly as it was sent, reconstruct the actual HTML pages that users have visited and even simulate cookies for entry into password-protected websites.

Iris provides automated filters that can be set up to flag and record specific network traffic that contains a particular MAC or IP address, unacceptable words or websites, and more, to ensure whether company security is being compromised or corporate policies are abused. Iris also provides a variety of statistical measurements allowing administrators to proactively identify  and take the steps to eliminate  performance issues before they can result in downtime.
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