Buy Iron Ore Brazil and other Countries

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We are a Trades Company with 5 offices through out the U. S. and deal with clients worldwide. We represent both buyers and sellers/suppliers in the purchase and sale of products and commodities. Currently we are in need of suppliers or Iron Ore, Portland Cement, Clinker, and Urea. Our current suppliers are at their maximum performance levels causing us to look for more. Currently sitting on my desk are LOI Requests for Iron Ore from 150K to 750K monthly from Fe63.5% on up to and including 65.5%, Portland Cement requests from 12,500MT up to including 500K monthly, Clinker from 12,500 up to including 500K monthly, and Urea from 12,500 up to including 1,000,000MT. These are only a few of the weekly requests that we get from our buyers. If you are a direct supplier or mandate of supplier, can supply at reasonable prices, and can perform we would be interested in hearing from you. If you are a broker we won't mind working with you however we DO NOT and WILL NOT pay "Kickbacks" or large commissions as we ourselves work on as little as .25 cents per Metric Ton up to a max of 1MT depending on the commidity, quantity, and destination.

Thank you