Sell Iron Ore Fe 64.5% Brazil

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Commodity: Iron Ore Fe 64.5%

Origin: Brazil

Brazil: 6 mn MT / month (6 mn MT / month SOLD)

Delivery Terms: CIF or FOB

Payment Terms: Bank Guarantee, FFDLC, RDLC.

Base Price: dependent on quantities and payment terms.

Draft Contract released immediately on receipt of Letter of Interest and Soft Probe Authorisation or BCL.

Bank to Bank confirmation of Proof of Product and Proof of Logistics released on receipt of signed Draft Contract and Proof of Funds.

Buyer commissions may be added to Base Price.

All orders on first come first served basis.

Offer current as of January 2006.

Buyers or Buyers Mandates only.
Terms of Payment
Bank Guarantee, FFDLC, RDLC
Terms of Sale