Sell Iron Ore Fines & Pellets Lowest Prices!

Iron Ore Fines & Pellets Lowest Prices! You May Also Be Interested In: iron fines iron ore fines iron ore pellets metallic iron pellets
As Mentioned, we have high quality Brazilian Iron Ore available for immediate shipment. The minimum quantity which we will ship is 150,000 MT/Month and we require a 1 year contract with revolving, transferable LCs. The Iron Ore can be supplied CIF and world port.

Note that the ore is in the form of fines and will be a feedstock for a sintering plant where the oxide is reduced to produce metallic iron.
If you would like Iron Ore pellets, we can supply them at the cost of $10/MT higher than the price for the Iron Ore fines. We have large quantities available. You can specify you analysis requirements and we will respond with our pricing.

Following is a typical analysis for these Iron Ore fines or pellets:

Fe 65.5%
Al203 0.7%
Si02 3.6%
S .007%
P .027%
K20 .008%
CaO .02%
MgO .03%
Na2O .005%
Ti02 .08%
Mn .15%
Sn .01%
Chromium .004%
Zinc .005%
Lead .005%
LOI .08%


0 mm to 10 mm
0-3 mm 30% min
3-5 mm 60% max
5-10 mm 10% max
Pricing is $95/MT (Pellets) $85/MT (fines) CIF any world port.

Please send us your LOI as soon as possible so we may be able to further help you. We also have a large supply of Bonny Light Crude Oil, Steel Coils, iron rails and metallurgical Coke, and Portland Cement 35.5R and 45.5R.

Lawernce Alexander
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