Sell Iron Ore Fines

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Iron Ore Fines

Specification :

Chemical composition (On Dry Basis) :Rejection Level Fe content Below 62%

Fe 63.5% Min.
Al2O3 3.75% Max.
SiO2 3.75% Max.
Sulphur 0.05% Max.
Phosphorus 0.07% Max.

Free moisture loss at 105 degrees centigrade 8% max. , during monsoon 10% max

Physical composition (On Wet Basis) :

Size (0-10 mm) +10 mm 5% Max.
- 10 mm 95% Min.
-0.15mm 40%max
Supply Capacity
40,000 MTs
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
35 Days
Minimum Order Quantity
40,000 Mts
Terms of Payment
Prime bank IRLC-confirmed, with TT Reimbursement
Terms of Sale
C&26F Main Ports