Sell Iron Ore Mine - Investors Wanted

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We, International Mineral Suppliers, welcome investors looking for a sound investment. The mine owner is offering a lease or outright sale of an iron ore mine in the area of Pomacanchi in Peru.

This property has proven reserves of 60 million metric tons and probable reserves 80 times the proven amount, which is to say approximately 4,800 million metric tons.

Investment Information:

Commodity: Iron Ore
Fe Content: 64.5% to 70% Fe
Origin: Peru
Location: Cusco
Deposit Reserves: up to 4,800 Million MT

For 10 year lease of the mine:
Down Payment of US $3 million (negotiable)
Royalty: US $4.50/MT

For outright sale: Please contact International Mineral Suppliers for more information. Serious inquiries only.