Sell Iron Ore from Brazil

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We represent Iron Ore seller from Brazil. Product is currently being shipped from the Carajas Mine and Alegria Mine. Product is being shipped from ports of URU, Sao Paulo and Sepetiba.

PRODUCT: Iron Ore 64.5 % +/- 2% Chemical composition (on dry basis)
Fe: 64.5%+
Rejection below:63%
Rejection above:2.0%
SiO2: 1.50%
Rejection above: 2.5%
S: 0.003%
Rejection above: 0.03%
P: 0.06%
Rejection above:0.06%
K2O: 0.020%
CaO: 0.21%
Zinc 0.08%
MgO: 0.07%
Size : 10mm  30mm pieces 10%

1mm  10 mm pieces 90%
We are agents and only and LOI is issued to our firm and contract comes from the seller themselves. The seller will accept non-transferable; transferable LC's but must be confirmed by Top 25 world bank. No mainland Chinese banks are accepted unless confirmed by Top 25 world bank. Some overpricing is allowed. The seller has JV sales agreements and full POP consisting of previous BL's, SGS, and JV sales agreement with major miners is provided after buyer sends a simple MT 799 RWA of a pre-advice and seller does everything on only a bank to bank basis. There are not any exceptions to these procedures. Seller will not accept Chinese 95/5 requests or PB required to activate an LC. Seller has JV interest and sales agreements in (9) mines in Brazil and currently ships to companies such as POSCO; Shanghai Icosteel and Minmetals.
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