Sell Iron Ore

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Iron ore 63.5% fe:

Origin: Indian
40,000mt/month x 12 months minimum
Our position: Legal mandate with appointment letter from mine owner
Fe 64.55%

Silicon as sio2 1.66%

Alumina 2.66%

P 0.070%

S 0.012%

The above is extracted from the original certificate

Similar results +/- 5% was reported by sgs India on another lot of

Samples from mine. It is sold as average of 63.5% with rejection 62.5%

1) buyer issues exclusive LOI and bcl(lessthan 5 days old )

2) seller issues fco and draft contract to buyer

3) buyer counter sign/stamp and return back fco and draft contract to seller

4) seller send signed/stamped final contract to buyer

5) seller send hard copy of final contract by courier to buyer

6) buyer issues non operative lc(confirmedirrevocable, revolving, transferable,100% at sight)

7) sellers bank provide POP, aqsiq and all documents, sgs, port of loading etc to buyers bank

8) seller issues 2% pb to activate lc become operative

9) visits are welcomed at port of loading only.

10) shipping commences

11) lc payable at sight against bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, sgs quantity and quality assay, non-explosive and non-radioactive certificate, ism certificate.