Sell Iron Ore

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we work with mine owner of brazil mines on EXW terms and with intermediary seller of brazil origin with delivery terms and pricing included in the list below and assist end-buyer user/consumers source.

we review the LOI/BCL for seller requirements and make the introductions. buyers work directly with sellers and have the opportunity to request information and negotiate their deals.

FCO and contracts need to be written to end-buyer user/consumer name - pellet plant, steel company, etc.

these are some seller opportunities from mine owners:

1. iron ore pellets, 65%fe, ukraine origin, US118/Mt FOB - 70,000MT monthly to start on short term contract. this mine owner has capacity 17 billion MT and has a pelletizing plant. they will only enter small quantity, short term contracts for new buyers.

2. iron ore fines, india origin, 65% - 70% fe, US50/MT FOB - this mine owner markets this product now at US60/MT FOB. we have a lower price from them

3. iron ore, indonesia origin, 64.5% fe, USD46/MT FOB

4. iron ore, equador origin, 91% fe, USD32/MT FAS - product is on reserves and available on FAS or EXW terms. mines are near the ports and mine owner will use conveyor belts to move large quantities. price for this quantity may be closer to US23/MT

5. iron ore, peru origin, 64.5% fe, USD45/MT FOB - mine owner has limited capacity of approximately 1 million MT x 60 months. this will be a easier sell on EXW terms.

6. iron ore, portugal origin, 60% fe, USD41/MT FOB - mine owner has limited capacity of estimated 1 million MT x 36-60 months

7. iron ore, mexico origin, 50% fe, USD14/MT EXW, USD38/MT FAS, USD41/MT FOB - mine owner has capacity of 2 million MT x 24 months, possibly more

8. iron ore, brazil origin, 64.5% fe

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES with intermediary sellers includes:

9. iron ore brazil origin, 64.5% fe - this sellers moves estimate 15 million MT monthly

10. other products and origins available

prices and availability subject to change without notice.

await your early reply.
__________________________________________________Conditions of Sale

All sales by the Owner to the Purchaser will generally be EXW meaning the Owner delivers when placing the goods at the disposal of the Purchaser at the named place, not cleared for export and not loaded on any collecting vehicle. Sales by Owner on terms other then EXW will be made to Purchaser only after express written permission of the Intermediary including any restrictions and requirements collectively agreed to in writing by the Owner, Intermediary, and Purchaser.

Generally sales by Owner will be for the use or consumption by the Purchaser and not primarily for speculation or investment purposes. Owner will not make other sales to Purchaser without express written permission of the Intermediary including any restrictions and requirements of the Intermediary.