Sell Ironing Board

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Innovative Ironing Board

- Ironing board have two other board, thus one (front) is plane side, other (back) is curved side.
- Ironing board can be rotated 180 deg, 360 deg to easily iron other side of clothes.
- Curved side can easily iron clothes with round shape and plait that it is difficulties to iron it in general.
- Adjustable height level from 18cm till 90cm by 1 to 8 step.
- Ironing board have assistance facilities such as iron pocket, clothes hanger, safe guide of iron cord and trousers nipper.
- control lever with on/off type.
- After putting on coat in ironing board you can iron it's front and back at once.
- You can iron clothes in plane side for general clothes and in curved side for clothes with round shape.
- You can iron large clothes at once as widths of ironing board is most largest 51cm in the world.

Size: 51(W) *110(L) *18~90cm(H)
Weight: 9 kg
Material: CR pipe, ABS, PC, PP, PE, CVC