Sell IsCorp i-MPF (V3) Plant Activator

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We are looking for Distributor & Agent worldwide for our product of i-MPF Plant Activator.

i-MPF V3 contain special formula to activate Enzyme (EA-1 & EA-2) . GROWTH REGULATOR, Micro-Nutrient and Complete Macro. Specially formulated to override lost and stability of sand and trees.
- Plant Activation
- Stimulate Enzyme activities in the sand and trees
- Increase chlorophyll content
- Promote the photosynthesis rate
- Accelerate formation of meristematic cells
- Nutrient content balancing
- Balance and increase sand Micro Nutrient
- Increase O. E. R content rate of palm oil
- Increase pollination
- Increase weight of palm oil Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB)
- Prohibit GANODERMA fungus
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
4000 kgs
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
14 days
Model Number
Version 3
Minimum Order Quantity
200 bags
Terms of Payment
L/C, T/T
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
30 days