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Famous Qur'an Voice Recitation by Sheikh Al-Sudais & As-Shuraim
Other Voice Recitation Options (available on order) :
Below mentioned Recitation Options are available for this model. You can choose
any one of a combination of any of two voices for this model.
(1) -Sheikh Al-Sudais & As-Shuraim
(2) -Sheikh Al-Hudhaifi
(3) -Sheikh Mishary Al-Efasy
(4) -Sheikh Sa'd Al-Ghamidi
(5) -Sheikh Sedeeq Al-Menshawe
(6) -Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad
(7) -Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil El Hossary
(8) -Sheikh Al-Ajmi

Complete Holy Qur'an in 25 Translations:
Holy Qur'an Arabic Text synchronized with voice with 25 Translations with auto as well as manual scroll facility.
(1) -ENGLISH (By Mohsin Khan)
(5) -English Transliteration
(7) -URDU (Fateh Jalandhary)
(8) -URDU (Tahir-Ul-Qadri) (9) -TURKISH
(10) -MELAYU
(12) -GERMAN
(14) -DUTCH
(16) - ITALIAN (17) -HAUSA
(25) -UYGUR

19 Most Famous Hadith Books:
1) -Riyadh-Us-Salehin (Arabic)
(2) -Riyadh-Us-Salehin (English)
(3) -Forty Hadith Qudsi (Arabic)
(4) -Forty Hadith Qudsi (English)
(5) -An Nawawi's Forty Hadith (Arabic)
(6) -An Nawawi's Forty Hadith (English)
(7) -Sahih Bukhari (Arabic)
(8) -Sahih Bukhari (English)
(9) -Sahih Muslim (Arabic)
(10) -Sahih Muslim (English) (11) -Sunan Abu-Dawud (Arabic)
(12) -Sunan Abu-Dawud (English)
(13) -Sunan Al Nasaa'i (Arabic)
(14) -Sunan Al Tirmizhi (Arabic)
(15) -Sunan Ibn Maajah (Arabic)
(16) -Malik's Muwatta (Arabic)
(17) -Malik's Muwatta (English)
(18) -Masnad Shafi (Arabic)
(19) -Mishkat Al-Masabhi (Arabic)
4 Most Famous Tafsir Books:
(1) -Tafseer Jalaleen (Arabic)
(2) -Tafseer Jalaleen (English)
(3) -Tafseer Ibn Kaseer (Arabic)
(4) -Tafseer Al-Qurtabi (Arabic)
Prayer Times and Qibla Direction:
Option for more than 5000 Cities world-wide
Hijri and Gregorian Calendar facility:
Isma-ul-Husna (Allah Names) :
Allah Names voice translations in English and Urdu.
DUO Khatmul Quran Voice with Arabic Text Recited By:
(1) -Shaikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais.
(2) -Shaikh As-Shuraim.
(3) -Shaikh ArRifai.
(4) -Shaikh Al-Ajmy.
Technical Features:
Large and brilliant LCD display with backlight facility
Built-in high quality speakers, headphone jack and AC adapter jack
Recitation speed control in 3 steps (Normal, Fast and Slow mode)
Verse ?Crecitation repeat facility.
Case available in two colors, Silver and light golden color.
Size: 108 X 69 X 16.5mm
Weight: 100g (including batteries)
Package Accessories:
Digital Holy Qur'an
High quality earphone set
Small size AC Adapter
High power AAA size cells (two pieces)
Beautiful pouch to carry the device
Comprehensive manual in English and Arabic languages
Small size Surah Index booklet
Compass to help checking Qibla Direction worldwide.
Retail Box Weight: 0.40KG
Retail Box Dimension: 190 X 140 X 35(cm)
Carton packing: 40 units in one carton
Gross weight of Carton: 22.50KG
Carton Dimension: 47.6X45.7X34.3 (cm)