Sell Isolated 1W Single output SMD DC/DC Converter

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Product Description
BT-1W series are ideally suited for current-isolation or voltage conversion, such as RS232/485 with isolation digitla interface system.

1. Vin: 5VDC / 12VDC/ 24VDc
2. Unregulated Dual output:5VDC/9VDC/12VDC/15VDC
3. High Efficiency up to 78%
5. SMD Package Styles
6. Industry Standard Pinout
7. UL94-V0 Package
8. No Heatsink Required
9. 1KVDC Isolation
10 High Power Density
11 Temperature Range: -400C~+850C
12 No External Component Required
13 Low Cost
14 Custom Service Available
15 Size: 12.7*7.5*6.0(mm)

Brand Name
Model Number
BT-1W series