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Chemical Name : 6-O-a-D-Glucopyranosyl-D-Glucitol
Molecular-Formula: C12 H24O11
Molecular Weight: 344.32
Cas No. : 64519-82-0
What is Isomaltitol?
Isomaltitol, the foreign enrollment name is isomalt , the foreign trade name is palatinit. It is made from sucrose. It is especially applicable to children, diabetes, adiposity etc. and it can be used as a functional sweetener in a wide variety of foods, including ice-cream, beverages, bakery products, confectionary, etc.
The FAO/WHO model food addiitive unite committee of experts has passed the examination for the toxin experimentation . Decided to not do the special prescribe to the most values for ADI be gathered daily of the isomalt, it can decode the frondose accession amount according to the request .
The Characteristics & Application Of Isomaltitol :
1) its sweet purity
2) without the badness back taste
3) it can occur the acton to increase the effect with the strong sweet acidifier to conceal its badness back taste and flavor .
4) the moisture absorption-low function
5) the high stability
6) the little energy
7) not to juchi function
8) it can be eated by the diabeteser
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