Sell Isopropyl ether

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Alias: diisopropyl ether

Molecular formula:C6H14Ott
Molecular weight:102.18
Appearance & Properties: colorless liquid with odor of ether
Vapour tension:16.00kpa/20oC
Flash point :-21oC
Melting point:-85.9oC
Boiling point:68.5oC
Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvent
Density : Relative Density ( water=1)0.73; Relative Density (air=1)3.52
Hazardous sign:7(low Flash point inflammable liquid)
Stability :Stable

Uses: used as solvent to recycle the acetic acid and butyl acid.

Packing:metal pail,145kg/drum