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Typical Specification:
item 1:
Bulk density 1.86 g/cm3
Compressive strength 61.05 MPa
Flexible Strength 36 MPa
Electric Resistivity 8.38 5(Ohms). m
Ash content 0.08 %
C. T. E 3.53
Real Density 2.20 g/cm3
Modulus of Elasticity 9.25 GPa

Item 2:
Bulk density 1.83 g/cm3
Compressive strength 63.11 MPa
Flexible Strength 28.59 MPa
Electric Resistivity 8.46 5(Ohms). m
Ash content 0.10 %
C. T. E 3.73
Real Density 2.20 g/cm3
Modulus of Elasticity 10.65 GPa

Typical sizes:
#500W600 #500W1600 #500W2300 #600W600 #600W1600 #600W2300 #700W800 #700W1600 #700W2300 #800W800 #800W1600 #800W2300
#850W1000 #850W2300
400W400W800 400W400W1600 400W400W2200
500W500W800 500W500W1600 500W500W2200
600W600W800 600W600W1600 600W600W2100
650W650W800 650W650W1600 650W650W2100

Isostatic press graphite has many good characteristics such as high strength, excellent thermal shock resistance to high temperature and oxidation, low specific resistance, good anticorrosion, ease of precise machining, high purity, and also have the merits of large size and good isotropy.

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