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Fitness Coffee is an innovative Italian espresso beverage that conserving all the pleasure and taste of coffee, gives also a greater contribution to our general psyco-physical well-being.
This particular blend contains 80% of high quality coffee and 20% of officinal herbs and spices that provide incredible health properties.

Fitness Coffee

7 Is pleasant to drink in coffee-house and everywhere;
7 Is delicious and has incomparable innovative and long durable aroma;
7 With taste original and unusual compared with the habitual coffee;
7 Drunk cold it can be an optimal herbal alcohol-free liquor;
7 Has incedible benefits for your health (tonic, digestive, purifying, energetic etc. )

Packaging: single-dose pods (7 g - 0,24 Oz) for professional espresso coffee machines.

World patent.

Brand Name
Fitness Coffee