Sell Item No. LY1-02 & LY1-01 shower thermostatic faucet

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Thermostatic faucet is a faucet that keeps the water temperature as selected regardless of the temperature differences between inlet waters. For all our thermostatic faucets we use the same fast-acting reliable adjustment part suitable even in case of lime containing water. 7Working Principle
The thermostat shower faucets products adopts the thermosensitive element to adjust proportion of cold water and hot water automatically to make the outlet water temperature keeping temperature constantly. The products are very accurately to control the temperature, achieved the purpose of saving your time, also saving water and energy.

Detailed Description

1. Material:

a. Body: is made of DRZ59 solid brass

b. Handle lever: is made of zinc, with very smooth control

c. Fittings: are made of DRA59 solid brass

d. We can do washing lead to measure up to United States/Europe

2. Surface finish:

a. The chrome-plating thickness is 6 - 12 micron, as the customers' requirement

b. We also can do brush nickel, stain chrome plating to meet the customers' requirements

c. We also can do SN PVD for customers

3. Thermostat Cartridge

4. The warranty period is 5 years

1. Thermostatic Control - Maintains Temperature Stability and Provides Safety Shut off to Prevent Scalding
2. Pressure Balanced: Automatically Compensates for Variations in Water Pressure
3. Security Stop(Set to 38deg. C) : Built-in temperature "Child" Stop can be set. It will Automatic Shut-off in the Event of Cold Water Failure
4. One Control to Adjust the Temperature
5. Quality Brass Body made by Gravity Casting, Plumbum < 2%
6. Containing Water Quality Percolator to Prevent Impurities
7. Water Conserving: European Water Conservation Spec. Suitable for Water Pressure from 0. 1-0. 5Mpa
8. Plated Chrome
9. The Inlet Distance between Hot Water and Cold Water Can be Adjust from 13cm to 17cm
10. Simple Installation and Service: Available in many Styles to Fit Most Installation
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