Sell J Acid (2-Amino-5-naphthol-7-sulfonic acid)

J Acid (2-Amino-5-naphthol-7-sulfonic acid) You May Also Be Interested In: sulfonic acid
The dry of J-acid is grey powder, difficultly soluble in water. Easily soluble alkali-creating correspondence salt. The liquid of its sodium salt is blue fluorescence. Its the chlorine compound of J acid is acicular yellow crystal, soluble in water, can be coupled to purple dyes by itself when in the sodium carbonate solution.
Quality Standard:
Index Specification
Appearance grey to light brown powder
Content(J acid) % >= 90.0
Purity(HPLC) % >= 97.0
Γ Acid- Calculation by 100% J acid % <= 2.5
Bis J Acid- Calculation by 100% J acid % <= 0.5
Usage: J acid is one of the important dyestuff intermediates. It is used for production many dyes as the material, such as direct copper blue 151, direct scarlet 23, reactive Brown K3R, carbonyl-j-acid and Bis-J-Acid etc.
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