Sell J-MPF(melamine phenol formaldehyde resin foam) aluminum foil compound insulation board

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J-MPF aluminum foil compound insulation board is a kindly of new material which is made for air duct is central air-condition system. J-MPF board is manufactured by continues process which melamine phenol formaldehyde resin foam, and compound aluminum foil which technology lead the world and quality better than all kinds of traditional air duct material. They fill the blank of no high-class insulation material in China.

J-MPF is specially situate for using in high-class hotel, office building, supermarket, hospital, super clean workshop, underground railway, etc. And have outstanding advantage compare to common air duct.

J-MPF is widely used in America, Japan, Europe etc developed countries and will soon be widely used in China.

J-MPF aluminum foil compound insulation board is composed of compound plank, there is stamp aluminum foil on two sides with melamine phenol formaldehyde resin foam in the middle. this kind of air duct system has very low air flow resisting force and excellent hot insulation. So it can save transportation power and reduce heat loss. The temperature and wetness in the pipe can be kept in the same level. The stamp aluminum foil in two sides is treated by passivity and coated method. It formed a compact aluminum oxide protect coat. So it's life is the traditional product's 4-6 multiple.