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J acid
Chemical name: 2-Amino-5-Naphthol-7-sulphonic acid
Structural formula:

Molecular formula: C10H9NO4S
Molecular weight: 239.25
Property: Slight soluble in hot water and hardly soluble in alcohol. Its alkali salts are easily soluble in water. Solution of J acid gives a brownish black precipitate met with hot ferric chloride, and gives a yellowish brown precipitate met with calcium chloride. It couples with diazotised bases at the 1-place in acidic medium and at the 6-place in alkali medium.
index Grade A Grade B
Appearance: Greyish white to greyish brown powder
Coupling value: 92%min. 92%min.
Solubility: 4% max. 4% max.
Uses: An important intermediate of dyestuffs. A large number of reactive or direct dyes are manufactured from N-Aryl-J-Acid, Bis-J-acid, Carbonyl-J-Acid and other derivatives of J Acid.
Packing: Packed in multiple paper bag lined with plastic bag. 25kg/bag
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