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The "J" Series Industrial Control Grip is our
newest mid-size grip designed specifically
to be used with our JM/JL Joysticks . We
have designed a new look and feel for this
grip. It is just as comfortable and
ergonomically friendly when supplied with
the rounded blank faceplate or with a fully
switched faceplate.

It can be ordered as a blank grip, with 2 or
4 Sure Grip switches in the faceplate and
optional trigger switch. It is the standard
handle for the JM/JL series joysticks but
can also be supplied with a threaded male
stud for installation on customer s joysticks.
The groove at the bottom of the handle is
designed for a 1.5" (37mm) boot opening.
The standard Sure Grip switches are
covered with our tough flexible membrane
overlay that protects the switches from
dirt and moisture.

Our unique design also gives us the flexibility to install a variety of customerspecified toggles, push-buttons, proportional modules, LED's and other switch options in this grip.
Brand Name
Sure Grip Controls
Available Colors