Sell JF15B, TP8B16 (DHC15B) rail type multi-function, programmable timer

JF15B, TP8B16 (DHC15B) rail type multi-function, programmable timer You May Also Be Interested In: neon lamp programmable timer road lamp
The product can open and close all kinds of power supply automatically according to the users time. The control objects can be road lamp, neon lamp, billboard, producing equipment, broadcast TV, and all that the circuit fixtures and home appliances need setting time to control.
1. Installed with 35mm standard rail, small and smart, substitute for KG316T;
2. Control at real time, preset time circulation in 7 days or 24 Hrs;
3. One-way put-out, 8 On/OFF time setting, 10 date groups;
4. Time-control : Max 168Hrs, Min 1min;
5. LCD shown, with high capacity chargeable battery in support, work normally when power cut;
6. Alternation in 12/24 Hrs, default as 24 Hrs.

Technical index:
Rated voltage:
AC220V110% 50Hz Contact No. :
1 group transformation Time error:
<=2s/day (250)
ON/OFF No. :
8 ON and 8 OFF Power consumed :
4.5VA (max) Time range:
Time-keeping of power cut: >=15days after charging for 18 Hrs continually Min time-keeping: 1min
Contact capacity: resistant load: 16A/250VAC (COS#=1) ;
Sensible Load: 2.5A/250VAC (COS#=0.6) ;
Lamp power: 1000W Electric life: 100000 times
(Rated load)
Mechanical life: 100000 times
Environment Temperature:
35~85%RH Working Temperature:
-10~550 Weight:
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1000 units
Terms of Payment
T/T in advance
Terms of Sale
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