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JH-LV Self-Regulating Heating Wire, is a unique heating product which is also called low-voltage (5V-36V) sort product, and its outer diameter less than or equal to 6mm. This kind of product is fit for the heat tracing sector in civil use that needs soft wire, and only can be used in the occasion of safe voltage for heat tracing, heating and heat preservation. The products function is the highest surface temperature 60: C, the highest maintaining temperature 45: C, which is especially fit for in civil use, producing electrothermal cushion, electrothermal cushion for pets, electrothermal glove, electrothermal mouse, low-voltage electrothermal blanket (usb electrothermal blanket) , etc. , to take place the present same kind of products make by alloy resistance, perfectly overcome the traditional same kind products potential safety hazard because of thermal aggregation effect. You may visit our website to see more details, if you have any question, please send us email for further discussion.
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