Sell JHY-H100 internal-combustion plate vibrat

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[Technical parameter]
Entry name Unit Parameter
Dimension(L*W*H) 1200W500W820 Millimeter
Dimension of vibration soleplate
(L*W) 500W525 Millimeter
Weight working :104 Kilogram
Vibration frequency: 5500 t/min
Impulsive force:15 k/n
Speed: 25 Meter/m
Climb ability 25 Degree
Water tank capacity) 15 Liter
Engine type  Japanese Honda Gx160 air cooled 4cycle gasoline engine
Rated speed : 4000 Rp/m
Max power :5.5/4.1 hp/kw
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 Liter
Startup mode  Pull and bounce-back