Sell JINRUN-FZL Series Explosion-Proof Vacuum Oil Purifier

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Used for flammability and exploding circle, and rebirth purifying handle of industrial waste oil such as insulating oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, heat transfer oil, refrigerating oil, compressor oil. The electric of machine meet the requirement of national industry department to explosion-protection device.

Safely works on-line with manufacturing device while its normal electrifying and operating. Handled oil meets the latest national standard, and ensures the manufacturing devices safe performance, and oil-change is available while manufacturing device works, and enhances device and oils usage period.


1. Unique heat exchanger condense out-put water vapor into water at high speed, and no water vapor bursts into vacuum pump. The oil of vacuum pump dont emulsify, sprinkle, so oil-changing is unnecessary for pump protection. The technology, which solved the long-standing problem about vacuum pump, ranks first of the state, and increases the life time of vacuum pump.
2. For the special environment as industrial or mineral operating environment, phosphor are removed from all the components. Stainless valve and disk connection ensure safe operation.
3. The series product, with the advantage of high efficiency, low cost, easy operation, little size, easy for transportation, is the perfect one for taking the place of plate and frame filter press, centrifugal machine, coalescence purifier, and other old style purifiers.
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FZL Series