Sell JINRUN-High-Efficiency (Insulating Oil) Vacuum Oil Purifier

JINRUN-High-Efficiency (Insulating Oil) Vacuum Oil Purifier You May Also Be Interested In: filter elements insulating oil purifying oil vacuum oil vacuum oil purifier
Used for 35kv and above power transmission and distribution equipment and national main distribution net.
Dehydrates, removes gas and impurity substance thoroughly at high speed. Handled oils limit withstand voltage is increased, and meets the oil standards fast. Not only for purifying oil, but also for working as the independent vacuum device, and vacuum treating for power insulating equipment.

1. High degree of vacuum, limit vacuum <=5pa, operating degree of vacuum <=35pa, high suction speed, pump speed >=333L/S.
2. Reply type stereoscopic flash steam, fast dehydrate liquid water a great deal. Adopts the UK technique, effectively remove moisture such as dissolve water etc. .
3. Uses removing impurity technique of double net type filters combine to high polymer filter elements, and efficiently remove the impurity substance. The filter elements are cleanable, and can be used for long time, then cut down the cost.
4. Special electrical power heating system get rid of ethyne from oil completely.
5. Be specially suitable for vacuum filling and drying for high grade transport and transform electric equipments.
6. Electrical interlock control, with high automatization, be available for safely and reliably online operation.
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JZL Series