Sell JIS butterfly valve

JIS butterfly valve
we could offer various of butterfly valve and other valves
1) Main configuration characteristics:
a) D373H-10K, 20K,
b) D343H-10K, 20K
2) Components:
a) Wafer and flange three eccentric seal
b) Seat gasket using two configurations of elastic seals and soft hard
compatible multiple layer seals
3) Reliable hermetic capability
4) Disc does not touch sealing seat when in operation, thus prolonging
service life
5) Temperature resistant and wearable antisepsis
6) Uses: petroleum, chemical industry, industrial environmental protection,
water treatment, high rise building construction, water supply and
draining pipes
7) Design standard: API609-83
8) Flange connection dimension:
a) JIS B2212
b) JIS B2213
c) JIS B2214
9) Structure length: JIS B2002-1987
10) Pressure test: JIS B2003-1987
Appropriate temperature: -29 centigrade degree to 425 centigade degree
Material: body:WCB,304,316,316SS, CF8M DISC:WCB,304,316,316SS, CF8M
STEM:316,2Cr13,1Cr18Ni9Ti sealing ring:316, fluorine plastic

Optional Information
- HS Code : 8548 Electrical Parts of Machinery or Apparatus
- Payment : t/t, l/c
- Delivery : 20-30days
- Origin : china
- Inspection : API, JIS, DIN
- Samples : Free