Sell JN Vacuum Rake Type Desiccator

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JN Vacuum Rake Type Desiccator--- JN
The JN type serial vacuum rake type desiccator is especially used widely in the organic semi-manufactured goods and dyestuffs process industry in the chemical industry, adopt the steam and insert the inner room and connect and heat the supplies and does not exhaust under the vacuum . Especially suitable for being able to bear the supplies easy to oxidize under the high gentle high temperature, and apt to produce dust in the dry course such dry supplies , etc. as solution that must be retrieved , etc. when exhausts.
This machine structure is compact, it is simple to operate, it is reliable that performance is steady, maintaining cycle long, proved by long-term production practices, moisture and granular , pastel of the lotion , glueing the glue , and even solution , etc. , can carry on the good dryness under the proper condition
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